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Amazon Marketing Overhaul- A One Month Transformation- Silca Inc

Have you ever had a Pay Per Click advertising campaign that just took off from day one? Or do your campaigns struggle at the beginning of their life while they try to sift through mass amounts of data to find the right converting keywords? In one month, we took Silca from $4,883 in sales from ads to $19,107 in sales from ads with only a 2% increase in ACOS. In this article, we will talk about a few of the things that went into that crazy one-month growth. And no, it doesn't all come down to how much you spend.

Optimizing Listings

The first step in advertising on Amazon is not paying more money for news and campaigns. The first step is actually making sure that the eyes that will see and click on your advertisements are actually likely to buy the product because you have a listing that looks sharp and attractive and that the product is what customers are searching for based on the keywords in the listing. Listing optimization is vitally important for any e-commerce seller, especially those on Amazon.



Your main image is the first thing a customer sees when they look at your listing. Having images that stand out are the most important part of a successful Amazon listing arguably beside the title. There should be a minimum of 7 images on every Amazon listings to be optimized. Before our optimization there were only two images on the listing.


The title of an Amazon listing is arguable the most important part of the listing, as it will tell the customer exactly what the product is and what keywords the product should be most directly relevant for. Secondary are the bullet points, description, and any copy in the A+ content. Each of these components are an opportunity to add relevant keywords that customers who are searching for your products.


PPC Performance Before

Clicks- 1032
Ad Spend- $944.15
Sales- $4883.39
ACOS- 19.33%
Clickthrough Rate- 0.12%

PPC Performance After

Impressions- 1,997,116
Clicks- 3678
Ad Spend-$3267.94
ACOS- 17.02%
Clickthrough Rate- 0.18%


After one month of revamped PPC campaigns and listing optimizations-..

  • Sales from ad campaigns increased over 400% while ad spend only increase 300%

  • ACOS decreased 2%

  • Our clickthrough rate increase .06%

  • ROAS increased from 5.17 to 5.93

  • Over 1.1 million impressions from advertising were added

This data shows the impact that optimized listings and quality Pay Per Click advertising campaigns can have on an Amazon Business. Need help optimizing listings or creating ultra effective PPC campaigns like this one? Fill out the form here to give us a try!

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