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Why Does My Business Need An Amazon Agency?

Being a “self-made entrepreneur” is all the rage these days. We’ve romanticized working 18 hours a day and bootstrapping our way to success, and it’s no different for Amazon selling. But is there a better way to achieve success as an Amazon seller?

Do you have to take the steep thorny path to Amazon success? Simple answer, no!

As an Amazon seller, you’re in one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world, and you need all the help you can get to be successful. That’s why Amazon agencies are crucial to a brand’s success on Amazon.

But does your business need an Amazon agency? Yes, you need an Amazon agency if:

1. You’re Operating at Maximum Capacity

Are you neck-deep in tasks and still not covering all your bases as far as your Amazon business is concerned? If your answer is yes, then you might need an Amazon agency.

Adding more members to your staff will cost you more in the long term than hiring an Amazon agency. Hiring staff to help you means spending time finding the right person for every specific task. On the other hand, An Amazon agency offers you a turnkey solution where you get all the different professionals you need under one roof.

You can then take a considerable chunk of workload off your plate and focus on the core tasks or get free time to pursue other interests.

2. Keeping up With Amazon’s Policy Changes Makes Your Head Hurt

Amazon has changed a lot in the last few years as it grew in size. Some of these changes spill over to their terms and policies. Amazon expects sellers to keep up with these policy changes and abide by the new terms.

But, it’s easy to fall behind or miss some policy changes entirely when you’re busy building your business. If you are constantly late to catch up to and implement new policies, then it’s time to hire an Amazon agency.

A good Amazon agency has compliance officers whose main objective is to stay informed on all policy changes and help their clients comply. These professionals make sure you stay compliant with Amazon’s terms and policies to avoid penalties and suspensions.

3. You’re Trying to Build a Brand

Building a brand around your products gives you credibility as a seller and opens up opportunities to expand outside Amazon. It also helps customers identify your products easily, which, in turn, helps build brand loyalty.

The problem, however, is that building a brand is no walk in the park. There are a lot of moving parts that contribute to building a strong brand. Trying to do it alone might not be feasible for most sellers. This is where an Amazon agency comes in.

Amazon has a few tools that help sellers build brands

  • A+ Content

  • Amazon Storefront

  • Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content)

Using these tools effectively isn’t something most sellers are conversant with. Partnering with an Amazon agency gives you access to a team of people with vast experience using these tools to create successful brands.

4. You Never Seem to Have Enough Time to Complete Daily Tasks

Running an Amazon business requires you to make sure several back-end processes work tandem. It’s especially critical that you get it right if you’re just starting. This means you work long hours and sometimes you’ll find that you don’t complete your daily tasks on time.

The more these tasks build up, the shorter your days will seem. And soon, you realize you can’t do it alone.

You need an Amazon agency to ensure all your critical tasks are completed on time, so you don’t fall behind. An Amazon agency will provide you with a team of professionals suited for every task that contributes to the success of your business. You can then rest easy knowing your business is running on autopilot with minimal chance of failure.

5. You Can’t Seem to Rank Your Product Listings

Ranking product listings on Amazon is a whole different ballgame altogether. You need your listings to show on the first page for you to make decent sales on Amazon. But, product listings ranking isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and most sellers never quite figure it out.

The Amazon A9 algorithm is responsible for deciding how products rank in the marketplace. It looks at a myriad of factors when ranking products. Unfortunately, Amazon remains tight-lipped about exactly how different factors contribute to a product’s rank, leaving most sellers confused about where to start when optimizing listings for SEO.

You’re firing in the dark if you’re an Amazon seller trying to rank listings on your own. You need the expertise and experience of an Amazon agency to help you create listing copy that complies with Amazon policies and ranks on Amazon.

6. Your Ads Aren’t Converting Like You Know They Should

Running ads is a critical part of boosting sales revenue for Amazon sellers. However, the process of creating, optimizing, and running ads is not something most sellers are knowledgeable about.

You need to run specific ads for specific objectives while ensuring those ads comply with Amazon’s advertising policies. Additionally, you need to create individual ads for each ASIN, so the more products you have, the more time you’ll take to create ads for them.

It makes sense to outsource this process to a team of consults, as you’d find in an Amazon agency. Amazon agencies typically have years of experience creating and running high-conversion ads. They know the best type of ads to run depending on the type f result you want. Whether you want to create brand awareness or increase sales revenue, they can create an ad that delivers the desired results.

7. You Barely Enjoy The Process of Running an Amazon Business

Let’s face it. Not every seller enjoys the process of selling on Amazon. You might be passionate about your product and how it helps people but still not enjoy the back-end processes of running an Amazon business. If that’s the case, an Amazon agency will help you get your product into the market without having to deal with the hassle of running an Amazon business.

With years of experience and dedicated professionals, an Amazon agency will be more than happy to handle the back-end processes for you. Hence, you focus on improving your product and handling the business processes you enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with an Amazon agency can revolutionize how you sell on the marketplace and help you take your business to the next level. As Amazon evolves, the need to partner up with experienced professionals becomes more apparent to Amazon sellers.

We highly recommend using an Amazon agency to get a leg up over your competition. It’ll also help you get ahead of the curve and secure a partnership before demand for Amazon agencies rises in the future, and you find yourself having to join a waitlist.

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